Saturday, May 23, 2009

2006 - It's ours!

This is it.
Can you believe we bought this?
See that big stack of crap underneath the porch swing? Fake brick asbestos tile thingees. 

I know, I know, but we were kind of desperate and it had great bones. 
We really wanted to stay in this hidden jewel of a neighborhood that we love so much and prices were skyrocketing. 
We were about to get priced out when this baby popped up. 
I saw the realtor putting the sign up. 
It wasn't even on the MLS yet (Thanks, Gail!) and we bought it on the spot. 
And, I have to say, the house just spoke to us. 
We loved that the ceilings were high, the floors were oak and there were windows everywhere. 
We just had a great feeling about it. 
We had looked at so many houses and this one felt absolutely perfect from the moment we walked in, despite it's being so downtrodden. 
Poor baby.
Have you ever had that happen? Those of you who love houses?
Just walked into a place and knew
Such a lovely feeling. 
To know you're home.
That was the beginning of our adventure - turning this crazy, mid-century cottage into a magical home for us, our two big dogs and our one small son.

As of 2009 it's looking better up there:

We've got a long way to go, but we're loving it. 
We've still got big plans to redo the porch and put in a winding walkway. 
I'm desperate for new windows NOW. 
Soon, probably, maybe.

We are the quintessential weekend warriors; we work paycheck to paycheck and weekend to weekend. 
I dream it and Jack designs and builds it. 

Sometimes we dream of chucking it all and moving to a condo downtown, but then we sit on our "just like a magazine" back porch, watch the garden grow and the kids play and we think it's all worth it.

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